Plugin comes with some useful widgets containing interesting information or functionality.

Widget name Description Suitable widget area
Boxes Shows 3 boxes with custom text Content Top, Top, Bottom, Footer
Call to action Shows button with custom link and description Top, Bottom
Coupon detail Shows small box with detail information Primary
Coupon listing Lists coupons Primary
Favorite listings Lists user favorites Primary
FAQ Displays FAQ Content Top
Filter Search form for filtering listings Content Top, Primary
Google Map Displays interactive Google Map with listings Top Fullwidth
Listings Displays specific listing configured by category, location, display type, count, special attributes, order... Top, Primary
Listing Author Displays information of listing author Primary
Listing Categories Renders selected listing categories Top
Listing details Shows listing’s total rating, number of views and favorites Primary
Listing Inquire Contact form for sending inquire messages Primary
Listing Slider Renders slider with listing images and small description Top Fullwidth
Opening Hours Renders opening hours of listing Primary
Packages Displays all defined packages Dashboard
Pricing tables Displays all defined pricing tables Top
Partners Displays specified partners Top
Simple map Renders simple Google Map Content Top
Video cover Renders title, subtitle and filter width video or image background Top Fullwidth
Testimonials Shows testimonials Top


Some widgets contains “Advanced options” in which you can set custom background color or image, extra padding from top or bottom or either set special css classes.

Widget logic

Widget Logic is plugin that can help you to set on which page should desired widget appear. It creates extra input field under every widget where you can use WP’s Conditional tags.

Widget logic is using PHP eval() function so be careful what you are putting into widget logic plugin. PHP syntax error could completely break your website.

Most common conditional tags

Widget will be displayed only on homepage
Widget will be displayed only on homepage
! is_front_page()
This ! mark negotiate conditional tag. So in this example, widget will be displayed on every page except homepage
is_page( 123 )
Show widget on page with ID 123 only.
Widget will be show only on all archive pages such as property list.
With this code you can better specify on which page should widget be displayed.
is_singular( 'property' )
Display widget on property detail page only.
Only for authenticated users.

Combining conditional tags & Debugging

You can combine multiple conditional tags by using && and || operators. Two ampersands are logical operator AND. Two pipes are logical operator OR. When combining multiple operators make sure that you don’t make any mistake. If you make syntax error your site will be broken. Website will be rendered normally until malfunction widget. The best way how to debug this situation is to open your PHP error log and look for an issue.

Different widgets for languages in WPML

You can display widgets based on current language. Just use ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE constant which is coming from WPML. Below you can check en example where we are displaing widget for english version only: