Payment gateways

There are 4 payment gateways available:

  • Wire Transfer
  • PayPal Account
  • PayPal Credit Card
  • Stripe


To enable PayPal payment gateway, you can choose if want to allow user to pay by his credit card or by his PayPal Account. Required fields are your “PayPal Client ID” and “PayPal Client Secret”. You can get it from PayPal Developer. For debugging purpose use Stripe Test keys.


To enable Stripe payment gateway, you need to set required fields “Stripe Secret Key” and “Stripe Publishable Key”. You can get it from Stripe. For debugging purpose, you can enable “PayPal Sand Box mode” by leaving “Live Mode” checkbox blank.

Wire transfer

If you want to enable wire transfer payment gateway, enter all mandatory data:

Field Mandatory
Account number yes
Bank code yes
Full name yes
Street / P.O.Box no
Postcode / ZIP no
City no
Country yes


Wire transfer payments are not handled automatically like PayPal or Stripe payments. You will need to verify user transaction in your bank and set his package in WP admin yourself.