All plugin settings are located in “WP admin > Appearance > Customize”. They are split into following sections:


Payment gateways are described in their own chapter.


In general settings there are options to set:

  • enable/disable listing post types
  • listing display type (row/grid)
  • purchase code (to enable automatic plugin updates)


In this section are settings regarding to pages from all horizon plugins

  • login
  • after login
  • registration
  • after register
  • profile
  • change password
  • terms & conditions
  • report listing
  • payment
  • transactions
  • user listings
  • add listing
  • edit listing
  • remove listing
  • claim listing
  • favorite listings
  • invoices
  • watchdogs


This section contains necessary settings to define new currency including:

  • currency symbol
  • currency code
  • show symbol before or after amount
  • number of decimal places
  • decimal separator
  • thousand separator


For multiple currencies, enter number of additional currencies. You can also enable automatic rate conversion using third party service Currency layer.


To show additional currencies settings sections, you may need to refresh window after changing number of additional currencies.


You may need to change area, distance or weight units to your preferences. You can do it here.


All settings regarding to submission system are grouped in this section. Beside of type of submission (Free for all / packages), you can decide if you want the listings to be manually reviewed by site admin or choose default package if using packages. To enable frontend submission, you need to set all submission pages containing plugin shortcodes:

  • List of user listings page
  • Create listing page
  • Edit listing page
  • Remove listing page


Plugin offers some user email notifications related to submission system. Here is list of them:

  • Package expiration warning

  • Package expiration announcement

  • Submission waiting for review
    • for user
    • for admin
  • Submission published
    • for user
    • for admin


Watchdog is a user’s saved search query. User can create unlimited number of his own watchdogs. To create a watchdog, user have to fill something into filter at first and then click on “Watch this search query” under number of matched results. To allow user to see their watchdogs, you need to set “Watchodgs page” with plugin shortcode.


Plugin generates invoice for every successfull transaction. If you wish, you can set “Invoices page”. with plugin shortcode to allow users to see and print their invoices or you can handle it yourself. Default invocie settings include:

  • Payment term
  • Tax rate
  • Billing name
  • Reg. No.
  • VAT No.
  • another supplier details


Wire transfer payments are handled specially. Invoice type for such transaction is an “Advance invoice” and all wire transfer details are added into invoice billing details.


You may need to set special tax rate for some customers. You can read how to do it in “Developer Guide” chapter.


You can enable “Search Query Logging” and “Listing Views Logging” to see statistics graphs in WP admin. It is not recommended to use this feature on slow hostings.