Horizon provides package system as a submission type. It allows users to buy packages with their features. Each of them is defined by price, duration, maximum allowed number of published listings and by list of listing permissions.

Package types

Generaly there are 4 types of packages:

Package type Price Duration Description
Free 0 not set User does not have to pay for package features.
Trial 0 set User gets all package features for free for a limited time.
Simple > 0 not set One-time fee package (without duration).
Regular > 0 set Paid package with subscription.


Price is defined by amount without currency. Currency is taken from settings in “Appearance > Customize > Horizon Currency”.

Besides of price and duration, you can set how many listings can user publish by setting “Max Listings” attribute. To unlimited number set “-1”.

You may need to hide some packages from regular users. For example if you want to set unlimited package type for your VIP users or admins. In such cases you can mark package as private.


Trial and private packages can not be set in pricing table.

Default package

If you are using “Package system”, you can specify, which package should be set as default for new registered user (In “WP Admin / Appearance / Customize / Horizon Packages”). It is suitable for using trial packages for instance.

Package permissions

You can even choose, which listing metaboxes are available for users. These metaboxes can be restricted:

  • Video
  • Gallery
  • Reviews
  • Location
  • Opening hours
  • Contact