Custom FieldsΒΆ

You can either define your custom fields in source code by following steps in the Fields chapter or you can use GUI to create them in the WP admin in section “Horizon > Fields”.

Each field is defined by its:

  • name
  • unique identifier
  • required flag
  • description
  • input type
  • value type
  • metabox

There are many input types available. We can categorize them by their behaviour:

Input type Number of accepted values Variations
single line 1 text, small text, medium text, email address, URL, embed media
multiple lines 1 textarea, smaller textarea, code textarea, wysiwyg editor
picker 1, 2 or 3 time, date, timezone, date and time, date and time and timezone, color
checkbox 1 (true / false) checkbox
checkboxes many multicheck, multicheck inline
radio 1 radio, radio_inline
select 1 select