My listings have ‘draft’ post status every time I publish them, why?

Your site is using package system and the package of user who submitted the listing aexpired. You can either set valid package to the user or change submission type.

How can I translate site into other language?

All translation strings are saved in .po file. You can use PoEdit software. Follow steps in chapter Translations.

How can I change english phrases into something else?

You can either override templates in your child theme or you can create own .po file.

How can I change colors to my own?

You can use one of the prepared color variations or you can define your own colors using SASS. Read more in Custom Colors.

Can I create my own listing type?

Yes you can do it in 2 ways. You can either do it programatically (recommended, better performance) or you can use GUI Manager (for non-programmers).

How can I disable existing listing type?

Just go to WP admin and navigate to Appearance > Customize and in section Horizon General disable or enable corresponding post types.

How can I create my own taxonomy/lexicon?

You can do it similar as creating custom post type. Follow steps in chapter Taxonomies.

I want to add new fields into existing post type. Can I do that without programming skills?

Yes you can using horizon-fields plugin. It allows you to define fields via WP admin. Read more in chapter Custom Fields.

I don’t see some sections at listing detail, why?

It is because user who created the listing has assigned a package without enough permissions. Check chapter Packages.

There are some errors on my site. What should I do?

Be sure, you are using latest theme and plugin versions and no-third party asset is breaking your website. If the problem persists, contact our support team.

Do your plugins offer automatic updates?

Yes they do. Just enter your purchase code and your plugins will be automatically updated every time new version will be released.